The Top Trends In Residential Construction Techniques You Need To Know About

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Modern big house with pool

Trends in residential construction techniques need to be considered when you build or renovate your property. These trends can help you determine the overall costs of the project and help you create the home that you want. Many of these trends are looking to improve the way that construction projects are complete for years to come.

Modern big house with pool

Detailed 3D BIM Modeling

Architectural models have changed from the 2D drawings of the past. Today, more and more builders are using 3D building information modeling or BIM to complete these drawings. These drawings are ideal for homeowners who are looking to build their own house because it provides better visualization.

It is important to note that this type of modeling is not limited to full architectural designs. They can also be used for specific systems within the building such as the electrical and plumbing systems. Many builders will also combine this modeling software with clash detection programs to ensure that there is no interference in the house.

5D Macro-BIM For Cost And Scheduling

There are many design firms that are starting to use 5D macro BIM during the early stages of the design process. These models help show homeowners the cost, scheduling and construction of the house. This can help you make an informed decision about the different aspects of the design early on before any true costs are experienced.

The use of this technology is also beneficial to the construction companies. Before, these designs would generally be rough sketches which did not help the construction company any more than they helped the homeowner. Now, they are more complete and scientific which makes it easier for the construction company to schedule their work.

The Use Of Pre-Fabrication

Pre-fabrication is not a new trend in construction, but more and more residential owners are realizing the value of this. Pre-fabrication allows the construction company to build certain elements of your property offsite. This can help to streamline the building schedule and lower the overall costs of the building.

When using pre-fabrication, you are also able to create a more secure and safe construction site. While this might not seem like something that a homeowner will need to worry about, it is important. An unsafe site can delay construction and cause other issues. When using pre-fabrication, the more technical parts of the construction are completed elsewhere and this is why the site will be safer.

Smart Buildings

Another trend in residential construction that you need to know about is the creation of smart buildings. Buildings are becoming more connected and these systems can easily be installed during construction. Of course, it is important to carefully consider if you want to have a smart home or if you want to incorporate this technology later on.

There are many different residential construction trends that you need to be aware of. These trends can help make the construction process of your home faster and more streamlined. Of course, you do not have to use all of these trends when you build your own home.…